At the most charming and sunny square in the heart of Aarhus, Klostertorv, you will find restaurant D’vinos. Here you can lean back and enjoy a true bombardment of flavors from an a la carte menu that renews itself according to season.


D’vinos invites you in for a laid back and cozy atmosphere where Nordic interior design is spiced up by curious European twists and trends. This is where classic Wegner chairs meet Parisian posters, and where artworks by local artist Ulrik Witt are beautifully reflected in the silver-plated cutlery.


At D’vinos the wine card is focused on Spain, and you will get the chance to try wines from small, local Spanish producers. Each wine tells its own authentic story from the South Mediterranean country. Please ask our knowledgeable waiters for further information.


And why the name ’D’vinos’, you might ask? Well, ’D’vinos’ is a beautiful mix of ‘vinos’ which in Spanish means ’wine’ and ’divinos’ which means ’divine’.


Bon appetite!